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Taxis KaiOS app brings taxi services to affordable devices.



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Find taxi stands

With a database of thousands of taxi stands around the world, you can easily find a taxi close to you.

Request pickup wherever you want

You can call the local taxi services and request pickup from your location.


All that in affordable devices

We are available on feature phones such as Alcatel, Nokia, TCL and many more. Starting from 20$, it's the cheapest way to access the internet.

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What are KaiOS Store and JioStore?

There are app stores for feature phones such as Nokia, TCL, Alcatel and many more. In these stores, you will find us under the name "Taxis".

Do I need the internet to request a ride?

No. However, you will need the internet to load the taxi stands list and local phone numbers at your first connexion. After that, the app will store this data offline.

Can I pay for my ride in cash?

Yes. Taxi KaiOS doesn't handle the payment for your ride. Taxis available on our app follow the local rules regarding payment and fares.

What are the fares for a ride? 

Local fares. Taxi drivers handle the payment for the ride on their own. The prices follow the local legislation and standard.

What types of taxi services can I find in the app?

Taxis and tuk-tuks. You can find in our app a variety of taxi solutions. Especially when you go to taxi stands. However, the most commons are car taxis and tuk-tuks.

In which regions are we available?

Everywhere. We display taxi stands around the world. However, ordering the pickup by phone is limited to specific locations in Pakistan, Tanzania, Nigeria and the United States.

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Quick news

Uber is available in our app

You can now request a Uber ride through our app. The service is available in Miami, Florida, for now.

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Quick news

We are the #1 taxi app on KaiOS

We have been the first taxi app on feature phones since 2022.

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